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Promoting Natural Gas in the Carolinas

Natural gas is a reliable, domestic and cleaner energy source powering homes, businesses, industrial customers and municipalities across North and

South Carolina.

North and South Carolina

Who We Are

Carolinas Natural Gas Coalition is an alliance of industry groups, pipeline companies, contractors, natural gas producers and suppliers, community leaders, commercial companies, individuals and other allies dedicated to promoting and advocating for the future of natural gas.

Together we:

  • Promote natural gas as a cleaner, reliable, affordable and domestically sourced energy option to power homes, businesses, industries and transportation in the Carolinas.

  • Raise awareness of its long term economic, environmental, and consumer benefits for North and South Carolina.

  • Communicate the value of the natural gas industry to advance it and help it grow.

  • Encourage collaboration among natural gas industry members and associates.

  • Educate leaders and consumers about the benefits of using natural gas.

Our Purpose

Carolinas Natural Gas Coalition promotes the value of natural gas and protects the interests of the natural gas industry, its member, and consumers.

Natural gas can:

  • Reduce impacts on the environment

  • Decrease America’s dependence on foreign oil

  • Protect American jobs

  • Support economic development and smart growth across North and South Carolina

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Join Now

Carolinas Natural Gas Coalition serves as a strong, united voice for the natural gas industry and for those who support the use of natural gas.

We invite you to become a member of a dynamic organization. Please review this flyer for more information.


Founding Members

American Petroleum Institute (API)

Bartlett Controls, Inc.



Consolidated Pipe and Supply

Consumer Energy Alliance

ETL2 Environmental Services, LLC

Ed Young Sales Company (EYSCO)

First Cut Design and Fabrication

Fred Hanna

Goodwyn Mills Cawood (GMC)

Heath Consultants Incorporated


Miller Pipeline

Piedmont Natural Gas

Southeast Connections, LLC

SC Technology & Aviation Center

Troy Construction

Versiv Solutions

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