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Natural Gas:
Leading the Way to a Greener Energy Future


Natural gas is essential for a clean energy future.

Known for being a reliable, efficient, and low-polluting, natural gas has made U.S. energy production more sustainable over the last 20 years.

Natural gas is affordable, abundant, and domestically sourced, making it an ideal fuel for meeting our current and future energy needs.

Technological advancements in reducing methane emissions.

The industry is continually investing in new technologies to reduce methane emissions, such as leak detection systems and im- proved well completion methods. The indus- try has also committed to a goal of a 50% reduction in methane emissions by 2025.

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Supporting a
resilient grid

Natural gas is a reliable energy source that can provide continual power during peak demand, quick ramping reserve power in high load conditions such as severe weather emergencies, and when renewable energy sources are not available, making it a vital component of a resilient grid.


Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) production is increasing

RNG is a sustainable energy source made from organic waste materials, and its production is expected to increase tenfold by 2040.

Responsible sourcing of natural gas

The industry is committed to

sourcing natural gas responsibly and cleanly, including biogas or gas from agricultural waste.

Reducing carbon emissions

The natural gas industry is also investing in technologies that can capture and store carbon emissions, helping to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint.


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